I am Francis Friesen

I am a BC based artist specialized in alcohol inks.
Take a look at some samples of my work. If you like it, I would love to hear from you!

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What people say about me and my work

Fran’s work is colourful and inspiring.  She has the ability to paint large or small, and pays attention to the smallest details

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Here are some of the other artwork I do.

Fish & Bugs

In my 50’s I developed a passion for fly fishing and fly tying . It awakened my love of nature , introduced me to fish and entomology related to fishing. This fascination found it’s way into my art work in the way of mixed media, using paint, crayons, image transfers and textured mediums to express the world that I loved.


Most of my painting life I have used Acrylic Gouache. I like the smooth texture of the paint and I find it is conducive to creating thin layered washes to change the hues much like watercolor except the washes are permanent. I can add texture with modeling paste of other mediums for variations.


At one point in my art life I did a lot of large watercolor floral paintings. I have loved flowers and gardening so it all fit togther well. As I got into fish art I found the fluidity of the paint lent itself well to painting fish in their watery surroundings.

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